Q: When will the new high school open, how many students will it serve?

A: For the 2019-2020 school year, Severance High School will serve 300-400 freshmen and sophomores. As SHS builds out to serve all grades, it will grow to up to 1,200 students.

Q: What teaching positions will be posted and when?

A: Positions will be posted for internal candidates beginning in December 2018, and all open positions will be posted publicly in February 2019. The Industrial Technology/Construction teacher and Athletic Director Assistant Principal positions will both be posted publicly in December 2018.

Q. What will the instruction and programming look like at SHS?

A: Severance High School will offer comprehensive academic, Advanced Placement (AP) and Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses to its students. Our school’s priority is for every student to graduate ready for college or career and to be productive citizens. Our focus is for each student to build a strong foundation of academic knowledge while also gaining the skills they need to be successful in life after high school.

In addition to offering Advanced Placement (AP) courses in all academic subject areas, Severance High School will provide a robust Career and Technical Education (CTE) program to students interested in exploring different careers and interests such as agriculture, business, communications and media, family and consumer science, industrial design and technology, information technology and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Students will also have the opportunity to enroll in concurrent enrollment courses, earning college credit and industry certifications while still in high school. SHS will work in partnership with AIMS Community College and Front Range Community College to offer students pathways to earn college credit and certifications in several industries, including construction management, computer programming, STEM, medical, and others.

Click here to view 2019-2020 Course Description Handbook

Please note that if SHS students are interested in taking a course offered at Windsor High School, we will attempt to accommodate those requests. Depending on student enrollment, some courses may not be offered every year. As grades are added to SHS, more course options may be added.

Q: What clubs and extracurricular activities will be available to students? A: At Severance High School, we believe deeply in the importance of students having access to clubs and activities outside of the classroom that allow them to explore and hone their passions, talents and interests. Getting involved in extracurricular activities helps students to build their skills outside of the classroom. It also helps students to meet new people with whom they share interests and improve their social skills. Additionally, clubs and activities help students to expand their network, which is beneficial for finding career opportunities after graduation. SHS will offer traditional clubs, including Future Farmers of America (FFA), marching band, choir, drama, yearbook, DECA, student council, peer buddies, senior mentors, and others. Additional activities and clubs will be created based on student interests and passions.

Q: What sports and athletics will be offered at SHS?

A: Severance High School (SHS) will open with 9th and 10th grade students in August 2019 and will offer several varsity-level sports. These will include wrestling, golf, cross country, track, tennis, cheer, and dance. Varsity swimming and diving, and lacrosse will also be offered to SHS students, but the teams will continue to be at Windsor High School (WHS). The remaining team sports: football, volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer will be Junior Varsity (JV) for only the first year. This is because SHS will open in the second year of a two-year scheduling cycle. Contests with CHSAA schools aren't readily available since schools set their home and away schedules the previous year. Although these teams will start primarily with JV contests, SHS will schedule some varsity contests based on availability and tournament play next year. All sports will begin in the 4A CHSAA classification except for football, cross country, track, and wrestling, which may be in a different classification. Please email Principal Garcia for details at  chris.garcia@weldre4.org.   

Q: How will the new high school affect the district’s athletic classification? A: The Colorado High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) determines district athletic classifications based on enrollment ranges on a two-year cycle. To determine classifications for individual and team sports, CHSAA takes the total number of high schools in the state and divides them evenly into classifications based on total high school enrollment (from highest to lowest). In our current 4A football classification for the 2016-2018 cycle for example, Windsor High School will be one of the largest high schools with over 1,330 students, while the smallest high school in our class has around 630 students. In February of 2019, SHS will apply for full CHSAA membership and athletic eligibility. SHS will also gain membership in a local athletic and activity league. Classifications of individual sports will be determined in Spring of 2019.


Q: What are the district’s priorities in the design and construction of a new high school? A: The building will be built as a durable brick/steel structure that offers us the flexibility (as we have in our newer buildings) to expand and add-on as we reach capacity again in the future. All mechanical and electrical systems will be designed to make learning environments better and operate with energy efficiency to keep ongoing costs low. The mechanical system will be designed to have a long life; they will use hot water and boilers to heat spaces and have air conditioning. The building will offer students the kind of high school experience our community has come to expect, such as: wrestling rooms, weight room, both vocal and band rooms, drama, auditorium, workshops, multiple gyms, and locker rooms for athletics in addition to PE.
Q: Why is a second high school being built in Weld RE-4?
A: In April 2014, the district held a meeting to discuss the capacity issue at Windsor High School and broach possible solutions such as expanding the current high school or adding a second one. At that time, three committees were formed to gather information on possible options. The committees visited different schools, researched possibilities, and looked at aspects of different facilities the district might want to incorporate into any expansion work. In December 2014, the committees reported back to the Board of Education and the Board instructed staff to begin investigating the next steps for renovating Windsor High School and considering a new high school in Severance. Q: Will there be open campus? A: Yes, we will be an open campus! Parents and administrators will have the right to revoke that privilege if necessary. Q: How long will lunch be ? A: Lunch will be approximately 30-35 minutes. Q: What time will school start and end? A: The start and end times will be approximately 8:00-3:14 PM.

Q: Will there be homecoming or prom? A: There will be a spirit week and dance for each event.  Although, it might not be called Homecoming. We won’t have graduates for four years returning to our school, so our first “Homecoming” would be in the fall of 2022  Prom traditionally has Juniors running the event, so “Prom” will be in the spring of 2021, although we will have both dance and weeks of events starting next year.  

Q: When will spirit packs be available? A: A football spirit pack is open NOW--other sport spirit packs will follow as we add coaches.  All other spirit packs and on-line shopping options will be available no later than March 1st.   See our school website, facebook page or twitter account for updates.