Our graduation requirements are in place to ensure our students are college or career ready. These requirements meet state standards, as well as admission requirements for post-secondary institutions.


One year’s worth of successful completion in a class will result in 1.0 credit being awarded, while successful completion of a semester-long class will be awarded 0.5 credits. You will be awarded 0.5 credits over four years for the successful completion of Advisory.

In our district, you must earn a total of 26.0 high school credits with specific requirements in certain areas to earn a district-endorsed diploma. Additionally, all students in Colorado must meet minimum requirements in English and Math, as well as successful completion of your Individualized Career and Academic Plan (ICAP). Other options may become available to students based on changes in availability or legislation.

Courses taken outside of the district will be evaluated to determine if credit will be granted.

More Information

For more information, schedule a visit with your school counselor or visit pg. 6 of the Course Description Handbook.