Clothing Expectations for Students

  1. Due to safety and security, students are not permitted to wear hats or bandanas indoors, including having the hood up on a shirt or sweatshirt.
  2. Clothing must cover underwear, midriff, buttocks, lower back, and chest (covered when standing upright) including chest crease.
  3. Strapless tops are not allowed to be worn in school. Exposed back and low necklines are not acceptable.
  4. Clothing made of see through materials or torn clothing may not expose underwear, midriff, lower back, or chest.
  5. Short shorts and short skirts that expose buttocks are not acceptable.
  6. Clothing or jewelry that depicts any “gang style” writing; illegal activity; sexually related or obscene gestures and material; tobacco; drugs; alcohol; or hate speech words, pictures, or phrases that depicts violence or intimidation may not be worn.
  7. Any body piercing that presents a safety issue or major distraction will not be allowed.
  8. Any clothing or styles of dress that may be construed to provoke fear, violence, or intimidation, including gang-related attire, is not acceptable.
  9. Due to safety and security, sunglasses and/or dark glasses are not permitted.
  10. Clothing that is pre-approved for a school sport or organization will be allowed with administrative permission.
  11. Shoes must be worn at all times.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive; rather, it is intended to provide you with some idea of acceptable standards of dress. SHS and the district reserve the right to ban any article of clothing that is disruptive to the educational process. The purpose of the school program is education. Students who violate the dress code standards may be asked to do any of the following depending on the circumstances:

  • Turn their shirt inside out.
  • Put on other clothing.
  • Take off the unacceptable item.

If a student does not have a substitute item of clothing, one will be provided by Severance High School; otherwise, students must call parents to bring clothing to the school or will be sent home with an unexcused absence. Failure to comply or multiple violations may result in disciplinary action.