Our credit recovery program provides the opportunity for high school students to earn credits for failed classroom coursework. While this program will not replace the failed grade on a transcript, it will show that you have completed the necessary credits to continue towards graduation.


There are three credit-recovery sessions available throughout the school year during Quarter 2, Quarter 3, and Quarter 4, as well as one summer session. View the credit recovery program calendar.


We use Edmentum’s PLATO Courseware, a standards-based, online learning program to facilitate these courses with the guidance of a Mentor Teacher. These courses will help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills you need to move forward and find success in the classroom. Pacing for these courses is personalized and decided upon by you; however, each course must be completed during the respective Credit Recovery session. Should an extension be needed, additional fees will be applied. Each course does include a pacing guide that will help you stay on track.

For a course to be considered 100% complete:

  • All units must be complete including all tests (pre, post, and mastery tests)
  • A score a 60% or higher must be earned on all post and mastery tests
  • You must maintain an overall course grade of 60% or higher
  • You must receive a score of 60% or higher on the Final Exam

Parents will receive an invitation to Edmentum Sensi for Families from Edmentum, which will allow them to view their student’s current assignments, due dates, progress, and grades.


PLATO credit recovery courses are fee based. Required fees include both a registration fee, as well as individual course fees. If you qualify and have been approved for free or reduced-priced meals, you are eligible for reduced fees. Limited scholarships are available during the registration process. Payments are due prior to the start of each quarterly session and found in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Access to all PLATO testing and coursework will not be granted until payment has been received in full.