SHS Clubs

We offer a variety of school-sponsored clubs that extend our students’ learning and leadership opportunities beyond the classroom, allowing them to make positive contributions to our Northern Colorado community. At Severance High School, these groups, sponsored by SHS staff and led by students, focus on the diverse interests and passions within our student body but also work together collaboratively to support and improve the culture of our school.

If we do not offer a school-sponsored club or organization that meets the particular interests or passions of a select group of students, then we encourage these students to create a student-initiated club. These clubs must find an adult chaperone, get proper Admin approval, and can meet during non-instructional time during the school day to plan activities and events and pursue their collective interests and passions. If you would like to start a new club at Severance High School, please utilize the links on this page to fill out an application and schedule a meeting with Mr. McWain once your paperwork is complete.