Connecting the School Community

During the 35-minute Advisory Period, classes of approximately 20 students will work with each other and their Advisory teacher to reinforce our school’s belief that positive relationships between staff and students matter. Through Advisory, key concepts — academics, transition, personal skills, and school culture—will be explored. Students will collaborate with one another to address a number of topics, including college and career exploration, study skills, digital citizenship, problem solving, organization, communication and collaboration, resiliency, academic and personal goal setting, time management, stress management, service projects, preparing for required assessments, and self-advocacy.

Advisory also offers time for students to work on their Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAPs).  Advisory helps students craft their own pathway and equips them with a toolbox of practical and transferable skills that grow as students advance in grade level.

What is an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)?

An ICAP is a personalized postsecondary plan. Each year, students will have a series of guided lessons to assist them in investigating their interests as well as in meeting the yearly ICAP requirements for graduation. Students will work on their ICAPs during the Advisory Period.

ICAPs must include:

  • career- and college-interest surveys
  • written postsecondary and workforce goals, intermediate benchmarks, and data reflecting progress toward those goals
  • scores on assessments
  • experiences in service learning and/or work environments
  • activities that establish connections between school-based instruction and the world of work
  • an intentional sequence of courses that reflects progress toward the postsecondary goal
  • evidence of academic progress
  • college application(s), a résumé, or alternative work-based applications
  • an understanding of the financial impact of life after high school, including the value of an education